Patent Search & Analysis

PanKorea provides prior art search services, as well as analysis on such matters as patentability, clearance, and exculpatory opinions to our clients using state of the art global online databases linking information from the patent offices of major countries and organizations. Our clients are assured that information obtained from searches is up to date and dependable.
Domestic Filings & Related Works

PanKorea represents well known domestic corporations in Korea to secure and protect patent & utility model rights. In addition to prosecution services, we provide services including administering clients’ portfolios, litigation support, technological transfer support, and enforcement support.
Administration of Outbound Patent Filings

PanKorea administers clients’ outbound patent filings to more than 50 countries. Our foreign legal counsels and staff from the U.S., Japan, China, and others are part of our team providing the best possible IP service and updated information on laws and practices of different jurisdictions.
Litigation Practice

Patent Attorneys specialized in specific technologies and Attorneys-at-Law form teams to represent clients in civil, criminal, and administrative court proceedings. PanKorea seeks to achieve the most desirable outcome for our clients through both litigation and negotiation.
Licensing Practice

PanKorea’s broad knowledge and experience allow us to provide clients with comprehensive licensing services that include negotiation and developing alliances between companies, preparing and drafting joint research agreements, counseling on litigation settlements involving licensing, performing due diligence for the IP aspects of mergers and acquisitions, preparing and drafting technology transfer agreements, on-going administration of licenses and royalty payments, and arbitration disputes or litigation arising from IP agreements.